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Chunky Crockpot Chili Recipe

by USA Seasonings on March 12, 2021

My wife has a list of kitchen equipment she just can’t live without, and in the top five, you’ll find her crockpot. As a mom of six, her crockpot is a timesaver and a stress saver. When she uses it, all she has to do is sip her wine and stir every once in a while.

Her favorite thing to make in the crockpot is chili. She has TONS of recipes, but the easiest one is the one I like best. We call it Chunky Crockpot Chili. This recipe includes our USA Seasonings Nashville Hot Chicken. It’s not only awesome for fried chicken, it’s great for chili with a quickly dissipating heat followed by a hint of sweetness.


2lbs ground beef

1 yellow onion chopped.

4 cans chili beans (don’t drain)

3 roma tomatoes chopped up so they’re juicy.

1.5 Tbs. Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning

That’s it.

Throw the ground beef in a skillet and cook it. While that’s cooking, dump your chili beans in the crockpot with the tomatoes and onion. Stir that up.

Here’s the trick, once your beef is done, don’t drain it. Take the skillet over to the crockpot and scoop the beef out with a spatula. You want to get a little bit of those drippings in there for added beefy flavor.

At this point, you have two options. You can throw in your Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning, stir, and let it cook on low for six hours… if you’re my family, we grab a “taste testing” bowl at the 4.5-to-5-hour mark. As soon as the onions are translucent, the chili’s fair game in my opinion.

If you want to do it the way my wife does it, when she’s home all day, hold off on the seasoning. Let it cook on high for about two hours.

Open it up and sprinkle the top with half your Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning, stir and close it back up for another hour.

chunky chili recipe

Open it up again, sprinkle with the rest of the seasoning, stir, and let it finish cooking for an hour more on low. My wife swears this process makes a difference, but I end up eating three to five bowls either way. I can’t tell, and chances are your family won’t be able to either.

chili recipe with nashville hot chicken seasoning

As with any seasoning, you can season to taste with Nashville Hot Chicken. I like to add a little more to mine, but we keep the original recipe more on the mild side for the kids. This chili is freezable. We cook two batches, put the second in portion size freezable containers and take it to work for lunch all week long.

 I hope you enjoy this easy crockpot recipe as much as we do, and if you ever need seasoning suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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