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Bourbon Barrel Smoked Ribeye

USA Seasonings Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper Ribeye

Ingredients:2 - 1/2 inch thick ribeye steaks4 - teaspoons Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper4 - teaspoons Himalayan Pink Salt2 - Tablespoon Olive Oil2 - Tablespoons Compound Butter We selected a top-quality boneless ribeye with beautiful marbling and a cap and eye that are almost the same size. There are the requisite lumps of fat on the edges and in the middle of the ribeye, but most of the fat in the steak comes from the marbling. This renders into the meat while cooking and keeps it succulent. Look for steak that is a healthy red color and evenly sliced, for even...
on January 20, 2022
Homestyle Ranch Dip Recipe

Homestyle Ranch Dip Recipe

This ranch dip is so easy anyone can make it. It only takes a few moments really, though the chilling process is a little bit longer. We left ours in the fridge overnight, but if you’re really in a rush you could make this before work and then have it with your dinner or nighttime snack. It’s good with vegetables, chips, or really anything else you want to dip. Our taste testers really enjoyed the cool flavor of the ranch. It was easily something that you could scoop up by the spoonful and eat it, curled up over the container...
on January 18, 2022