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Backyard Burger Seasoning Seasoning USA Seasonings Shaker Bottle
Backyard Burger Seasoning Seasoning USA Seasonings
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    Backyard Burger Seasoning

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      Backyard Burger Seasoning is a perfect blend of herbs and spices to elevate your burger. This seasoning contains a balanced combination of onion, paprika, garlic and other spices for a delicious flavor. Enjoy a great tasting burger every time with Backyard Burger Seasoning.

      Backyard Burger Seasoning
      This is our first burger seasoning and was developed for us by one of our favorite Competition Barbecuers who happens to love a good burger too! We've use this seasoning in a couple of ways - we sprinkled it on the burgers and then pat it into the meat about an hour before grilling (like we would with many spice rubs); we also added it into our mix while making the burgers; we've added it during the cooking process and we've added it at every stage possible to layer in the flavor. So experiment that's half the fun of cooking burgers any way.

      This Backyard Burger Seasoning has a delightful and full taste that will leave you wondering what that flavor is that you can't quite put your finger (or taste buds on). the "secret ingredients" is from the ingredient Grains of Paradise. Grains of Paradise is more popular in Middle Eastern, North and West African cuisines but it has become increasingly popular in this country when used in various rubs for chicken, fish and steak (oh and of course Sam Adams® Summer Ale).

      The flavor of this seasoning is also just a bit sweet and balances perfectly with the hints of smoky paprika.

      What's in it? 
      Hand blended from brown sugar, domestic paprika, sea salt, grains of paradise, Mexican oregano, marjoram, onion, garlic, rosemary and yellow mustard powder.

      Our exclusive line of USA Seasonings are ALL NATURAL and contain NO PRESERVATIVES. USA Seasonings custom blends are made in small batches by hand. All of our seasonings come with a freshness guarantee. Our seasonings are made right here in the USA.

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