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Hickory Smoked Salt SALT USA Seasonings Shaker Bottle
Hickory Smoked Salt SALT USA Seasonings
Hickory Smoked Salt SALT USA Seasonings 8oz Resealable Bag
Hickory Smoked Salt SALT USA Seasonings Large Shaker Bottle
Hickory Smoked Salt SALT USA Seasonings 1lb Bulk Resealable Bag

    Hickory Smoked Salt

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      Hickory Smoked Salt
      Smoked salts have become a very popular food item over the course of a few short years. As people crave more variety in their diet, new salts become an obvious answer to the question, "what can I try next?" Salts might have a little controversy on their own, but enjoying this high quality smoked salt in moderation is one of the easiest ways to add a new simple pleasure to your life.

      Hickory smoked salt is especially popular in vegetarian circles. It gives new vegetarians an excuse to try new flavors and makes it really easy to whip up an extremely flavorful vegetable-based dish. It also gives seasoned vegetarians, no pun intended, a way to diversify their flavor options to showcase new foods in a world that is growing ever-increasingly interested in vegetarian foods and new ways to incorporate them into their diets.

      How is it Made?
      Every hickory salt you encounter is created differently. Some are smoked with care and attention, like ours. Others are produced through the use of artificial colors and flavors, which are then marketed as a cheap smoked salt.

      Our Hickory Smoked Salt is made with sea salt. The sea salt is flattened into a plate-like shape with the help of large heated rollers that pass over the sea salt and help them go from cubic to smooth "lamellose" flakes. These flakes are both flat and have little mass, helping them stick to the surface of foods more readily. The length of the salt also contributes to the amount of crunch you will get from biting down on the salt.

      Once it has been flattened, the salt undergoes a cold-smoking process. Cold smoking is a process where flavor is added to a food without it cooking. Hot smoking, or just smoking, is when the food takes on a smoky flavor while also being cooked. Cold smoking is used because the salt doesn't need to be cooked, it just needs a little smoky flavor added to it. The ideal temperature range for cold smoking is 68 to 86°F. The process of cold smoking is quite simple- the salt is laid out on trays and wood pellets are burned until the smoke surrounds the salts and wafts around the smoking chamber. After about 8 to 12 hours, the process is complete.

      Cooking with Smoked Hickory Flaked Salt
      Smoked Hickory Flaked Salt is a perfect secret ingredient in homemade beef jerky, burgers, chicken, cheese dips, gravies, nuts, meats, potatoes, stuffing, and turkey. It's excellent in barbecue sauces, spice rubs, and vinaigrettes.

      Love to grill all summer and dread the day you have to put the grill away for the comfort of oven-cooked food inside? Using this salt is a way to bring that grilled flavor to your table all year round without actually doing any grilling at all. Use it on your favorite roasted vegetables or pan cooked meats to impart that savory, grilled flavor in a way that can't otherwise be so deliciously replicated.

      There are sweet applications for this incredibly diverse salt, too. It's excellent on plain ice cream flavors to bring out the nuances of the sweet. Just a pinch on your favorite specialty chocolates will help you enjoy the chocolate even more than you usually do, and that's probably saying a lot considering specialty chocolates are already out of this world to begin with. Salted caramels ring a bell? Instead of using plain sea salt, use this smoked salt for an extra dimension of smoky flavor.

      Smoked salt tastes interesting with citrus, especially grapefruits. Eating a grapefruit for breakfast every day might get boring, but adding a little bit of smoked salt to the mix is sure to switch up your routine for the better.

      What Does Smoked Hickory Smoked Salt Taste Like?
      Our Smoked Hickory Salt has a savory, smoky flavor. It is a more intense smoked salt

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