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Honey Mustard Seasoning Rub - Salt Free Seasonings & Spices USA Seasonings Shaker Bottle
Honey Mustard Seasoning Rub - Salt Free Seasonings & Spices USA Seasonings Large Shaker Bottle
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    Honey Mustard Seasoning Rub - Salt Free


      Honey Mustard Rub, is a versatile all-around seasoning blend. With an ensemble cast of herbs and spices supporting the classic, time-honored combination of honey and mustard, this seasoning blend fuses sweet and savory notes with just a little sour and a touch of heat.

      What is Honey Mustard Rub?
      Our dry Honey Mustard Rub is a balanced combination of piquant mustard and sweet honey, two of nature’s ancient foods. This rub is shaped by pungent aromatics and tempered by sweet and earthy spices. It brings bold flavor to barbecue, salad dressings, and cold summer salads.

      What's In It?
      Honey Mustard Rub is blended from brown mustard, granulated honey, granulated maple sugar, garlic, onion, ginger, coriander, turmeric, tamari powder, black pepper, apple cider vinegar powder

      What does Honey Mustard Rub taste like?
      Our Honey Mustard Rub is embedded with the sharp, spicy flavor of savory brown mustard seed and the sweet, deep smell of honey and maple sugar, with a clean sweep of cider vinegar coming in right behind the honey. Buoyed by the pungency of onion and garlic, this honey mustard blend stays balanced thanks to earthy turmeric and citrusy coriander, and finishes with the gentle burn of black pepper.

      How to use Honey Mustard Rub
      Try Honey Mustard Rub tossed over hot wings, two ways. Coat the wings in honey mustard seasoning and bake for wings with a sweet, mellow flavor, or bake, fry, or air-fry wings and toss in a sauce made from cold water and our seasoning to finish for more upfront heat and flavor. Coat pork in Honey Mustard Rub when you make some Honey Balsamic Pork Chops. Add complex flavor to classic condiments by stirring into red wine vinegar and olive oil for a quick and easy vinaigrette. Pour over roasted potatoes for an easy, non-dairy potato salad. Sprinkle over pretzels or peanuts and bake for a fun snack, or combine with sour cream and cream cheese for a dip for pretzels, fresh veggies, or chicken fingers.

      Tips from Our Kitchen
      To use as a barbecue rub, start with 1 Tablespoon Honey Mustard Rub per pound of meat. Adjust according to your taste.

      For a dipping sauce, stir Honey Mustard Rub with cold water to desired thickness, then let sit for at least 15 minutes and up to two hours before refrigerating.