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    Honey Chipotle Seasoning

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      Our Honey Chipotle Seasoning tastes like a backyard barbecue that’s just waiting to happen. This is a simple rub, made from a blend of chipotle powder, granulated honey, salt, and the fragrant herbs of the Mediterranean, but it packs a wallop. Sweetly floral granulated honey interacts beautifully with the spicy smoke of fruity-hot chipotle powder, creating a one-two punch of sweet heat. The flavors are balanced by savory onion, piney rosemary and earthy sage, sweet and peppery basil and the gently herbaceous marjoram. It’s pulled together into one package by just enough salt to make all the flavors pop. Our Honey Chipotle Seasoning is blended by hand in our facility in small batches, so we can maintain the standards of freshness we strive to provide for our customers.

      Honey Chipotle Seasoning is one of the first rubs we developed for our business. During our first year of operation, we primarily sold raw ingredients—herbs, spices, and chiles, along with a few pre-mixed blends. Some of our earliest customers were competition barbecue pit crews, so we researched what went into their seasoning blends so we could serve them better. This introduced us to the idea of “sweet heat”, and we were smitten. We chose granulated honey for the “sweet”, because it’s easy to use and has a slightly more complex flavor than sugar, and chipotle for the “heat”, because it’s hot enough to announce its presence but isn’t overly aggressive, and brings tremendous flavor.

      Tips From Our Kitchen
      Use as a dry rub and apply to any meat evenly on all sides before cooking; one tablespoon of rub per pound of meat is all you need. Let the seasoned meat sit for two hours before grilling to ensure maximum flavor. The granulated honey in this blend helps form a crust around proteins like chicken or fish, sealing in moisture and making for a juicier dish.

      We developed the Honey Chipotle Seasoning with our customers in mind, and we want to celebrate how they use it. They said they have used this blend on beef tenderloin, over pork chops, in black eyed peas and ham, mixed into dips, and sprinkled on sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables, and stir fries. They have coated cedar plank salmon with Honey Chipotle Seasoning, and have used it for a low-and-slow rib braise. As an added bonus for the ribs, the honey caramelized during cooking and created its own glaze. It’s also been a crispy coating for air fryer chicken wings.

      What's In It?

      Our Honey Chipotle Seasoning is hand blended from honey, onion, paprika, chipotle, rosemary, salt, basil, sage, and marjoram.

      If you would like more heat check out our Honey Habanero it packs a punch!

      Our exclusive line of USA Seasonings are ALL NATURAL and contain NO PRESERVATIVES. USA Seasonings custom blends are made in small batches by hand. All of our seasonings come with a freshness guarantee. Our seasonings are made right here in the USA.

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