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How To Use White Peppercorns

by USA Seasonings on January 09, 2021

Tips From Our Kitchen 
White Peppercorns are often the pepper of choice in white- or light-colored dishes where they will blend in with the surrounding dish and not create a color contrast. Reach for it when making a bechamel, velouté, or hollandaise, or pork or chicken rillettes. It is a common spice in Thai cooking so try it in Panang curry or Thai-style baked chicken wings. It’s a great addition to light colored seafoods; have some with pan-seared halibut or crab fritters.

White Peppercorns should always be creamy in color, not pure white, which indicates that they’ve been treated with peroxide to “brighten” them. They should also taste crisp and clean; a muddy or musty flavor indicates that they have been dried improperly. This will only get more pronounced as it sits in the pantry.

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