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Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning - Salt Free - USA Seasonings & Teas
Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning - Salt Free - USA Seasonings & Teas
Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning - Salt Free - USA Seasonings & Teas
Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning - Salt Free - USA Seasonings & Teas

    Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning - Salt Free


      The Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning is the hottest chili powder we offer. When you first open a container of salt-free Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning, you’re greeted by the warm fragrance of earthy cumin and deep, chocolatey ancho, accompanied by pungent garlic and sweet onion. There’s a perky pepper wisp of fruity allspice and the smoke-and-fruit magic of the chipotle morita, held together by the minty herbaceousness of Mexican oregano. But don’t let the unassuming aroma fool you. The rich flavors in the blend are the first thing to greet you but they give way to stinging heat that lingers on the tongue, fueled by a healthy dose of extra-hot chili powder. We blend our El Paso Chili Powder by hand in our facility, so we can provide our customers with the freshest and most flavorful product possible.

      The westernmost city in Texas, El Paso is located along the banks of the Rio Grande. El Paso is located in the northern region of the Chihuahuan Desert, which covers 193,783 square miles and stretches from southern Arizona to most of northern Mexico. It is the largest desert in North America. Because of its desert ecosystem, El Paso receives almost no rainfall, averaging about 300 sunny days a pear. It’s been given the nickname “Sun City”. El Paso’s outlaw-friendly reputation had earned it the nickname “Six Shooter City”, and it was known as such until WWI, when the US Army pressured local authorities to crack down on the vice and clean up the streets.

      Tips From Our Kitchen
      The creamy nature of dairy helps balance the heat in this blend, so add it to cheese-stuffed enchiladas or chile rellenos. It goes beautifully with eggs so it’s an easy way to perk up scrambled eggs or a frittata. Sprinkle on avocado toast. Toss on slices of steak for fajitas, or use as a rub for brisket. Spice up the sour cream in a crab or oyster dip. Add to fresh tomatoes, onions, and a squirt of lime juice for a quick salsa. Toss with breading for extra-spicy chicken tenders, or make vegetarian taco filling by coating tofu with Hot El Paso Chili Seasoning and corn starch and air-frying until crispy.

      What's In It?
      This salt-free blend is made from ancho powder, onion, extra hot ground red chile powder, cumin, garlic, chipotle morita powder, allspice and Mexican oregano.

      Our exclusive line of USA Seasonings are ALL NATURAL and contain NO PRESERVATIVES. USA Seasonings custom blends are made in small batches by hand. All of our seasonings come with a freshness guarantee. Our seasonings are made right here in the USA.

      Hot El Paso Chili Nutrition