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Sriracha Sauce Condiments & Sauces USA Seasonings
Sriracha Sauce Condiments & Sauces USA Seasonings

    Sriracha Sauce

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      Our Sriracha Sauce (also know as rooster sauce) is packed with flavor. With its hot chilis it has become the go to sauce for Thai and Vietnamese dishes for quite some time but has really caught on to go with just about anything you want to take to flavor town. 

      This Sriracha Sauce it great for appetizers, snacks, and main dishes and is made from sun ripened chilis ground into a smooth paste. Add a dash of it to BBQ sauces to add in more flavor. Also great on wings, spring rolls, hot dogs and hamburgers. This sauce can also add a zesty kick to vegetables.

      This sauce is gluten free, vegetarian & vegan, and certified kosher.

      All of our sauces and marinades are made in America!

      Sriracha Nutrition

      Ingredients: Chili, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Distilled Vinegar, Potassium Sorbate, Contains Sodium Bisulfite As Preservative, Xanthan Gum