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Green TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream - 55% Numbing Cream TKTX 1 Pack
Green TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream - 55% Numbing Cream TKTX

    Green TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream - 55%

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      TKTX Green Numbing Cream 55%, with its powerful ingredients, is an ideal choice for pain-free tattoos. The cream's formula ensures a numbing effect that can last up to 5 hours. Achieve a safe, comfortable tattoo with TKTX Green Numbing Cream 55%.

      • Deep action numbing cream
      • Strongest strength
      • Numbing effect lasts between 3 and 5 hours

      • Leave cream on for 45min - 1hour for best results

      It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a new tattoo, piercing or semi-permanent make-up, these experiences can undeniably be quite painful. So why go through the same pain every time when our deep numbing topical cream will numb away the pain effortlessly.

      TKTX green 55% deep numbing cream is quick to take effect as it only takes 25 minutes to kick in and lasts up to 5 hours. Any treatments or procedures ranging from tattoos and piercings to cosmetic treatments and minor surgeries, will be totally pain free with our quick to apply and long-lasting results topical numbing cream.

      Green TKTX Numbing Cream is a genuine and official supplier of TKTX numbing creams and only distributes the highest quality of product. Each order contains a hologram of authenticity, so you can trust the quality of the products inside.